Children of Lightning

A traumagenic system called Lyn

Hiii!! I'm Alvida.

I'm not actually sure how old I am, but it's somewhere between 7 and 10 years old. Years young? Maybe. I like bouncy balls, and plushies, and sometimes I draw bad things so I can share them. I can draw happy things too, but I'm not out very often. I'm usually just out when I'm very upset. That can happen if something scary comes up in life, or if Tyra talks to someone about the bad men or our mother. I don't like talking to people outside the system, they're scary. Some people Tyra know seem OK, but I just can't get my mouth to work when they're around!! When someone outside the system comes while I'm out I usually hide and let someone else take over.

There are 5 other kids under me. I like to play with them! Their names are Tara, Ann, Kaia, Leo, and Tommy. Tyra's like "woah, how do you know that?!". Of course I know! I know a lot of things, but talking about them is scary. They (the 5 kids under me) didn't always have names. But they need names. I didn't always have a name either. I didn't get my name until 2016! That's a lot of years without a name. I prefer having a name.

My favourite bouncy ball is blue with spikes and lights up when you throw it in the floor. My favourite place to draw is in my own little book with leather around it. I like Finding Nemo a lot, too.

Bye bye!!