Children of Lightning

A traumagenic system called Lyn

Heyyo, I'm Ravn

I'm one of the dudes in the system, and my age grows along with the body's age. I have short dark hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and am pretty tall.

My purpose in the system is to contain a lot of the sexual feelings. That makes me eternally horny. It's a bit more than that, though. I also hold a lot of complicated sexual feelings and urges associated with sexual trauma. Tyra eventually started exploring a lot of those, so me and her are very close to each other in the headspace, and I very, very, very frequently co-front with Tyra. I have a feeling that if we were to try and integrate, I'd be the first one to do so.

I don't really have any interests that aren't sexual, and we don't want to go graphic about things like that on our member pages. I can struggle to talk about things that aren't sexual, so like Ronja, I'm often restricted from communication with the outside world in situations where I would not be appropriate. That's fine by me.

It's worth nothing that sexual relations between a person and an alter can be very complicated, and we've yet to explore this. We tend to solve it by me just observing what goes on without influencing. That way we're (hopefully) not hurting anyone. It's not as complicated as it can be with me, though, since I'm the same age as the body. But I'm also not the same gender as the body. I do sometimes experience dysphoria about the female features of the body when I front, but I'm used to it, and it rarely upsets me.

That's about it, I think. Seeya!