Children of Lightning

A traumagenic system called Lyn


Baby can't write well on her own, so I, Silje, am writing her page. She's less than a year old, and has no concept of gender - pronouns don't matter. We're not quite sure what her purpose is, but if she fronts, we usually go non-verbal and very clumsy. Tyra is terrified of what made us have such a young alter, but I think that's not too important - what's important is that we take good care of Baby, so she can eventually learn to speak and move the body properly, and maybe even grow up! Our therapist said that when infant alters are present, the most important thing is to help them grow up to an age where they can process their feelings.

Baby doesn't even actually have a name, so we just call her Baby. She's right next to Alvida in the headspace, and in the system structure, and is probably our first split. She's precious! She's one of the "protect at all costs" littles. A "little" refers to an alter that is a child. We have quite a few of them.

At the current time there's not really much more than that to write about Baby, so we'll leave it at this. Let's pretend she pulls your hair to say goodbye here.