Children of Lightning

A traumagenic system called Lyn

Hi there, I'm Silje!

I'm the protector of my "layer" of the system (see the "Members" main page for more info about how our system is structured), and sometimes do a little protecting of others as well. I have blonde shoulder length hair, and that's about all I know about my appearance. I'm the same age as the body.

I tend to front quite a bit, and will often clean up the mess the others made in our apartment. I like to help people where I am capable of providing meaningful input and support, and actually quite enjoy tidying and cleaning. I was dormant for many years, and returned during a rough time in November 2019. To be "dormant" means to be asleep in the headspace, left out of internal communication and unable to front. I share memories with Tyra, so getting back into existing when I woke up again wasn't too hard. I love sitting outside for a smoke, feeling the fresh air on my face. I also enjoy going on walks, but the body isn't capable of walking long distances.

I'm very content with my sole purpose being helping others - it actually feels very good to have an as important purpose as that. I wish Tyra could make use of mine and the others' abilities more, but I also see why she's vary to switch around other people. This whole system thing becomes fairly complicated in relationships with others, and we're quite good at hiding that we are a system at all.

I might elaborate more here later on, but this is it for now! Thank you for reading my page.