Children of Lightning

A traumagenic system called Lyn

Welcome! Since you're here, you probably know Tyra. This site is a project to do for fun, and a way to keep track of system members. What's a system? A system is a term used to refer to everyone in the brain of someone with "multiple personalities". It has many names and kinds, but ours is what's referred to as truamagenic. That means that when we were young, we experienced too much trauma, and the brain responded by dissociating so hard it split into multiple people. Tyra is the host - that means she's the one who fronts the most. Fronting is simply just being conscious and in control of the body to varying degrees. Multiple people can front at once, and it's possible to be conscious without fronting. We've got 37 named alters (people who are not host), and the host - Tyra - making us a system of 38. Further down you can fint a list with brief information and links to each member's personal page. The personal pages will be under development for a while, as there's a LOT to write! Part of the reason behind this project is figuring out enough about each alter to write a page about them.

Members of Lyn